Old Stone Age

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About OldStoneAge.com

OldStoneAge.com was started by Harold Dibble and Shannon McPherron in the early 2000s to publish the results of work we were doing on sites like Fontechevade and the Pech de l'Aze IV collection. We also placed all of the data from Harold Dibble and Michel Lenoir's excavations of Combe-Capelle Bas on the site. During the excavation of Pech IV from 2000 to 2003, we teamed up with Dennis Sandgathe and Paul Goldberg and soon after Alain Turq also joined the team. After Pech IV, the same team excavated the site of Roc de Marsal and they are currently excavating La Ferrassie.

During this time the site has grown to host other excavations led in part by the OSA team (such as Abri Peyrony, Contrebandiers, and ASPS) but we have also hosted the publication of results and data by our friend and colleague Anta Montet-White.

A portion of this web site is also devoted to publishing the programs we have written over the years to help with our excavations. These programs and the data on this web site are free. We ask only that you give us proper citation.

Shannon P. McPherron
Department of Human Evolution
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Leipzig, Germany

Harold L. Dibble
Department of Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Dennis Sandgathe
Department of Archaeology
Simon Frasier University
Vancouver, Canada

Paul Goldberg
Archaeology Department
Boston University
Boston, MA, USA

Alain Turq
National Museum of Prehistory
Les Eyzies, France

Shannon and Harold
Shannon McPherron and Harold Dibble
Dennis and Paul
Dennis Sandgathe and Paul Goldberg
Alain Turq