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We are dedicated to the principle that archaeological data should be distributed freely. In 1996, in conjunction with the publication of the Combe-Capelle Bas monograph, we published a CD that included the data set, photographs, the programs we used, and the source code. Today the data set and the images are available here. The programs are mostly no longer supported, but the current executable versions are also found here.

Several years ago we put the data from Bordes' Pech de l'Aze IV excavations on-line. Unfortunately, due to internet security issues we were obliged to remove this web site. We are currently working to restore this data set to the web.

The Fontechevade excavations ended in 1998 and the monograph as well as several articles on this work have been published. The database is now available for download.

Anta Montet-White, as a part of a project to distribute information and data about her excavation projects, has posted data from the Kadar project.