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G. H-M (with the bicycle). She was known to ride to the site and back from La Quina (see map). Dorothy Garrod and
Germaine Henri-Martin
The cave as it looked when excavations started.
The cave as it looks today. The 1998 Crew Shannon McPherron and Harold Dibble working on lithics in the cave.
Phil Chase, Brooks Ellwood and André Debénath taking electoresitivity measurements in field in front of cave. Phil Chase mapping at the back of the cave. Steve Philips water screening in field lab.
Example of small finds from water screened buckets of sediment. Artifacts, each with its own tag, after they are washed and before they are labeled. An example of edge damaged and rolled artifacts typical of the Tayacian.
Cobbles like these are found on the plateau above the cave and in the cave sediments.