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Pech IV

The 2000 Field Season

While the existing collection of material excavated by Bordes will undoubtedly contribute important new data relevant to our understanding of the Middle Paleolithic of France, it is clear that that potential cannot be realized without limited work at the site. The purpose of the new excavations is not to collect more lithic or faunal samples the existing collections are already sufficient in size. There is, however, a very serious need to collect other kinds of samples fundamentally important for modern analyses to enable us to fully understand the situation of the site and the integrity of the collection.

Specifically, the goals are:

  • To obtain dates for the sequence.
  • To collect sedimentological, geophysical, and palynological samples to aid in a paleoenvironmental reconstruction.  

  • To assess the site formation processes that may have affected the integrity of the existing collections.  

  • To assess the current collection in terms of possible recovery bias.  

  • To enable full and complete paleontological and zooarchaeological analyses of the faunal collections.  


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