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Pech IV

Correlations Among the Pech Sites

In 1976, Bordes made a preliminary attempt at correlating the deposits and industries of Pech IV with Pech I and II (see below). At the time, however, the sedimentological analysis of these sites was not yet fully complete. In addition, over the past twenty years, the chronology of the Upper Pleistocene in general and of southwest France in particular has been completely revised. Today, a new effort to study and date the stratigraphy of Pech II is underway, and a similiar effort is needed for Pech IV.


Pech I Pech II Pech IV
Climatic Phase Level Industry Level Industry Level Industry
Würm II 6-7 MTA B F1-F2 MTA B
Würm II 5 MTA A-B F3 MTA A-B
Würm II 3-4 MTA A F4 MTA A
Würm I 2A-2C Moust. G Moust.
Würm I 2D Moust. H2-H1 Typical
Würm I 2E, 2F Typical I1-I2 Typical
Würm I 2G Moust. J1-J2 Typical
Würm I 2G Base Moust. J3 Typical
Würm I J3a-c Asinipodian
Würm I 3 Typical éboulis
Würm I 4A Typical X Typical
Würm I 4B Denticulate
Würm I 4C Typical
Würm I 4D-E Typical Y-Z Typical
Artifact Drawings

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