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Pech IV
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François Bordes at Pech IV in 1976. The 1998 survey crew (from left to right - Larry Bartram, Harold Dibble, Roland Nespoulet, Shannon McPherron and Marie Soressi.
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From 1995-99, most of our work with the collections entailed inventorying and analyzing the lithic artifacts.  This photograph, taken in 1999, shows several members of the crew entering lithic data.

Each person doing data entry had their own laptop with electronic calipers connected for automated transfers. 
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The 1999 lithics crew consisted of (from left to right) Maire Crowley, Emily Renschler, Emily Williams, Dan Williamson, Brad Evans, Marie-Blanche Mishoe, Colin Moyer, Harold Dibble, Steve Phillips, Shannon McPherron, and Maire Soressi.
This image is also available as a Quicktime(r) movie in 360-degree panorama.

The 2000 crew consisted of Shannon McPherron, Harold Dibble, Daphne Katranides, Kanani Paraso, Dan Williamson, Tom McPherron, Maire Crowley, Randy Hicks, Susan Harris, Matt Drummond, and Dennis Sandgathe.  

2001 Crew.  (standing left to right) 12th century church, Susan Mentzer, Leanne Dorish, Thomas McPherron, Shannon LaFayette, Marc Meyer, Stefan Brannan, Nicole Dery, Alex Streynhuyse, Alex Miller, Dennis Sandgathe, Suzanne Villeneuve, Matt Skinner, Kanani Paraso, Brad Gravina, Harold Dibble, Shannon McPherron, Blue Bagnole (sitting left to right) Sheila Larkin, Amy Ribick, Dan Williamson, Sharon Phelan, Amanda Thompson, Karen Meligne
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