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 Roc de Marsal
Summary results from 2007 season (2008 will be posted after the report is finished)
2007 was the 4th year of excavations at Roc de Marsal. The season lasted from mid-June to Mid-August, although the first 2 weeks was a study season to catch up on lithic analysis.

Our total crew included over 30 people, although not everyone stayed for the whole season.

So far, well over 100 different people have worked with us at Roc de Marsal.

Including the results of the 2007 season we have recovered a total of almost 57,000 individually provenienced objects. This includes almost 15,000 lithics and almost 42,000 faunal remains. We have also removed over 8000 liters of sediment.
This is a composite photo showing the main excavation area, which includes the terrace in front of the cave (the left half of the photo) and the area just inside the cave mouth (the right half of the photo). The current dripline of the cave is marked by a notch in the large rock next to the letter ā€˜Iā€™ just right of centre at the top of the photo. The remaining deposits that we will excavate are just inside the cave mouth (in the foreground) and in the feature in square M16, which can be seen at the far right of the photo. Extensive, well preserved hearth residues are clearly visible in two major layers near the base of the stratigraphic section