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 Roc de Marsal


The Roc de Marsal project is directed by:

Harold L. Dibble
Department of Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Shannon P. McPherron
Department of Human Evolution
Max Planck Institute for Human Evolution
Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103, Leipzig
For more information and reprints

Dennis Sandgathe
Department of Archaeology
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6

Alain Turq
Musée National de Préhistoire
24200 Les Eyzies

Paul Goldberg
Department of Archaeology
Boston University
675 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA  02215 

The fauna are being studied by:

Jean-Christophe Castel
Muséum d'histoire naturelle
Département d'archéozoologie
CP 6434
CH-1211 Genève 6

The dating is being done by:

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell
Department of Chemistry
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267

Pierre Guibert
Université de Bordeaux 3