Roc de Marsal



Roc de Marsal is a small cave, or perhaps two interconnecting caves, situated in a cliff face some 80 meters above a small tributary valley (la Retonde) of the Vézère river, just south of Les Eyzies.   The cave looks out toward the southwest and is located about 180 meters above sea level.

Excavation at the site was first started with a small test pit in 1953 by an amateur, Jean Lafille, who continued work there until his death in 1971.   All total, about 27 square meters of the site were excavated, leaving about half of it intact.  However, because of the use of perpendicular trenches through the site, there are three blocks of sediment that have no stratigraphic connection to each other.  Lafille’s excavations were meticulous and well documented, many artifacts measured in place and many maps and plans, which makes the potential of this collection all the more important.