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 Roc de Marsal

Excavations - Data

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The following table summarizes the inventory of finds so far, though it should be kept in mind that only Levels 1-4 have been excavated; the underlying levels have been sampled only through limited sections.





In 2005 three hominin teeth were discovered: two from Level 2 (lower deciduous molars, perhaps from the same individual) and one from Level 8 (a permanent upper first or second mo-lar). None of these have any relationship (stratigraphic or other) to the original child skeleton. In 2006 they were micro-CT scanned at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig) and a collagen sample was taken from the Level 8 tooth for stable isotope analysis (M. Richards). More complete descriptive studies are underway by B. Maureille.

In addition to the excavation, the site has been completely mapped, and 3D models of the cave itself, its relationship to the surrounding terrain, and specific features within it have been created. All of the point-provenienced material from Lafille’s excavation has been computerized, and a complete analysis of Lafille’s material from his Level IX (Quina), as well as a large sample of his backdirt, has also been completed in order to assess the degree of excavator bias reflected in the earlier collections. Further studies of the old collection are still on going.



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