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 Roc de Marsal

Photos - The Site

View from outside the cave (2004).  The structure was built prior to our excavations to protect exposed deposits in the front of the cave.
View inside the cave prior to our excavations (2004).  The main trench shown here was excavated by Lafille.
Excavation in the rear of the cave (2004).
Layers near the base of the sequence that may show evidence of Neandertal use of fire (2004).
Back of the cave after excavations in 2004.  The hominid was found by Lafille at the base of the section shown in the foreground.
A view of the cave at the end of the 2004 excavations.  The full extent of the cave is visible in this photo.
Roc de Marsal as seen from the valley (the site is circled on the full-size photo).