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Smuggler's Cave

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Smuggler's Cave
La Grotte des Contrebandiers

This site, originally excavated nearly 50 years ago and which is considered by many as being the most important such site in Morocco, contains a long sequence of both Middle and Upper Paleolithic (ca. 120,000 to 10,000 years ago) materials, and has also yielded what are considered modern human remains dating to the earlier occupations. 

Given that similarly dated materials from Western Europe contain only Neandertal remains, this raises the very interesting question of the relationship between different human species and the nature of their adaptations during the early Upper Pleistocene. 

Similarly, the succession of industries at the site suggests that it may contain evidence bearing on the transition to the Upper Paleolithic, which is considered to represent the first fully modern cultural behavior. 

Fresh excavation at this site, with direct comparisons to other work in both France and Egypt, will provide important new information on the evolution and adaptation of modern humans. 

pdf_rapport (en français)

Grotte des Contrebandiers, Témara: Rapport D'Operations Pour l'Année 2006