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Smuggler's Cave

While we know from the literature that there are faunal remains from Contrebandiers Cave, we do not know anything about the species, state of preservation, or abundance of these faunal remains.

One element that we do know is that faunal preservation towards the top of the stratigraphic column is worse than it is for the lower levels. This was mentioned in particular to explain the absence of bone tools from the Iberomaurusian layers (Roche 1963).

One element that is unclear at this point is the significance of mollusks found in the site. While these mollusks in the Neolithic layers form veritable kökkenmoddinger (shell middens), the interpretation of shell in lower layers is far from clear. Some lines of evidence seem to indicate that shell might be eroding from the cave walls (Delibrias et al 1982), whereas others suggest that shell was brought in for consumption (Bouzouggar 1997b).

content provided by Utsav Schurmans from the Rapport D'Operations Pour l'Année 2006

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