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Smuggler's Cave

Following the Aterian is the Iberomaurusian, which is an Upper or Epipaleolithic industry dominated by microlithic backed bladelets (pointed and other forms) (Barton et al 2005; Close and Wendorf 1990; Camps 1974; Straus 2001). Other types regularly found in the Iberomaurusian assemblages include microburins, endscrapers, and pièces esquillées. Notably rare are geometric microliths common in the following Capsian industries, and burins. Bone tools, jewelry, and figurative art are present (Camps 1974; Hachi et al 2002; Barton et al 2005; Vermeersch 1992). There are many Iberomaurusian burials, often with extensive ornamentation and ritual, and it is clear that they represent modern H. sapiens. At Smuggler’s Cave, the Iberomaurusian overlies the Aterian levels without any trace of a significant time hiatus.

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