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Smuggler's Cave

The Region

The region of Témara on the Atlantic coast of Morocco is one of the key areas for the study of our prehistoric past. In the numerous caves carved out by the ocean some 125 ka ago we find the successive traces of several important archaeological cultures. These include at the very base deposits of the Mousterian followed by layers containing Aterian assemblages. Following these two assemblages from what is called the Middle Paleolithic or sometimes the Middle Stone Age are deposits containing Iberomaurusian material belonging to the Upper Paleolithic. Finally many of the caves in the area have extensive deposits from the first farming cultures in the region as well. The extensive shell middens associated with Neolithic deposits indicate an important reliance of the first farmers on marine resources for their nutrition.

content provided by Utsav Schurmans from the Rapport D'Operations Pour l'Année 2006

The Region The Acheulian The Mousterian The Aterian The Iberomaurusian