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CC-Plot is a simplified DOS based GIS for working with piece provenienced artifact data. It allows the user to map any group of square or levels, to color code the map by artifact type or level, and to link the artifacts on this map to their respective records in associated databases. This program was developed by Harold L. Dibble and Shannon P. McPherron to deal with the data coming from the excavation of Combe-Capelle Bas, France. Several others, however, have converted their own datasets into the same format and are using the program. The data set distributed here with the program consists of only one unit from Combe-Capelle Bas. To obtain the full data set, you can either purchase the Combe-Capelle CD-ROM or download it from our web site.

Because the program is written in DOS, it will run on a wide range of computers and requires extremely little in the way of computer resources.  It has been tested on Windows 95 and 98.  It very likely runs on Windows 2000/XP/ME as well.  We now use a Windows based version of this program (Plot).
Description Filename Size
View of artifact map from Square C1 screen 1 12k
View of artifact linked to database screen 2 13k
View of artifact images screen 3 51k
Download the main program file ccplot.exe 289k
Download required support files 4k
Download a sample data set from Combe-Capelle Bas 54k
Download sample images (can be viewed only with CC-Plot 422k
Download all files combined into one zipped file 611k