Pech de l'Azé IV - Bordes

In 1975 Bordes published a preliminary note describing the stratigraphy, lithic industries, and fauna of Pech IV based on analysis of material he recovered through the 1973 season. The Mousterian industries included several examples of Typical Mousterian, Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MTA), and a new variant called the Asinipodian. This latter industry is particular primarily for its very small Levallois cores and flakes and for a fairly high percentage of Kombewa flakes.

Despite the fact that the Pech de l'Azé sites have not yet been fully published (due to Bordes' premature death in 1981), the data they have supplied have played a critical role in the debate over the nature of the Mousterian. Indeed, these sites are part of the foundation of Mousterian systematics and our understanding of Mousterian assemblage variability.