This form builds a PDF of sheets of barcode labels. To use this form, you will need to know the name of your label sheet (e.g. Avery L7160). Below are two ways to locate the label sheet in our database. You can search for a label by its name (e.g. L7160) and a list of matches will be provided or you can find its ID number in our database by clicking on this link to the complete list. Then use your browser's Find to locate the label sheet and note the ID number for future use. This form needs the ID (not the label series number).

Type 128 Example
Type 128 Barcode
QR Code Example
QR Code
QR Code Example
Barcode with custom image

A barcode label consists of a site name (or other title), an ID, and a barcode encoding the ID. ID numbers can be any text as long as they end in a valid number that can be incremented. For instance, UNIT2-1 or just 1 are valid IDs. UNIT2-S1 or just S1 also work. But UNIT alone does not work. Very long IDs might cause an issue depending on the label stock size. I recommend scanning a test label before printing a lot of label sheets.

Optionally, I have now also added images (such as logos or forms that you might want to add).

DISCLAIMERS: This code works for me with my labels (again, L7160) and has now been tested by other teams with different labels and printers. It is based on the code that Harold Dibble and I developed years ago for our NewPlot program. It is very hard for me to test, however, because I do not have access to other label stocks. So, instead, please try it, and if it does not work, let me know. Because you will be among the first to try it, I strongly recommend that you print only one page and that you scan the barcodes after to make sure they are working properly before you print many pages on your (expensive) label stock. Adding images especially complicates things, and so again - let me know.

Printing: Currently this is set to A4 size paper. I will work to make that an option. On your printer, make sure you are also set to A4 and that the printer is not scaling the output with 'Fit to Page'.

QR Codes: I offer the option here to print QR codes. I have tested this with a QR reader I have. It seemed to work, though it did not insert a CR/LF after the scan (I think this is a setting but I could not make that work either). I have little experience with QR codes, but I am switching over. Let me know if this works.

Field Labels
This will be the first line on the label.
This will be the first Unit-ID printed (e.g. C10-1).
Number of label pages to prepare (1-50).
Label Stock
The ID number in our database.
Choose from one of these three barcode types:

An image allows you to further customize the barcode to include things like logos, checkboxes, etc.
If you include an image, you can choose between these options for placing it on the label: