EDM Windows

EDM is a Windows based data collection program for use with electronic theodolites and total stations. The program, written by Harold L. Dibble and Shannon P. McPherron, differs from standard survey programs in that it was specifically designed to help with piece proveniencing artifacts in Paleolithic sites. The program uses a configuration file that the user designs. This file includes the fields and field types that are to be noted with each recorded point. The program accepts data transfers from Topcon, Leica, Nikon (I think), Wild and Sokkia total stations.

We used this program on Windows XP and Windows 7. We have also used it on Windows 10, but there can be some problems with the serial port drivers. Unfortunately, it is not consistent and very much depends on the chipset used to make the Windows computer and the drivers that convert a USB port to a serial port. And, unfortunately, there seems to be little we can do to fix this. We recommend using a direct USB cable instead of a serial to USB converter. In the mean time, McPherron is working on a new version of the program in Python which will be cross-platform.

See also our FAQ on the EDM software

If you experience problems, please contact Shannon McPherron. Note that no new development is happening on this program (after the death of Harold Dibble and the move to a Python version), but if you still use this program and are having issues, do contact McPherron.

Description Filename Size
Installation (with old version of the program) edmwin_setup.zip 23 mb
Latest version of the program EDMWin.exe 1.3 mb