Entrer Trois

Note This page is here for historical reasons. While the program likely still works on Windows computers, E4 (and now E5) has replaced it.

Entrer Trois is a DOS based data entry program (see newer Windows version E4). It was written by Shannon McPherron and Simon Holdaway to help with the data entry for their dissertation. Since then it has been used to enter tens of thousands of stone tools and countless other artifacts by archaeologists. The program is easily generalized with user designed configuration files that specify the variables to be entered and their type (eg. text, numeric, menu, table, instrument). Currently the program supports several different kinds of electronic calipers and scales. If you have a favorite that isn't included, notify Shannon and he may by able to add it. The output file is ASCII comma and quote delimited and the program will also make a DBF (dBase) file for you.

Because the program is written in DOS, it will run on a wide range of computers and requires extremely little in the way of computer resources. It has been tested on Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP. It very likely runs on Windows ME as well. It also runs on HP-95/100/200 computers.

Description Filename Size
View a sample configuration file entrer.cfg 1k
Download the main program file. entrer.exe 203k
Download sample configuration files configs.zip 2k
Download program documentation (Word Perfect format) entrer.doc 64k
Download all files combined into one zipped file entrer.zip 121k