Note This page is here for historical reasons. Though the program likely still works, we have heard of anyone using it in a very long time.

EDM is a DOS based data collection program for use with electronic theodolites and total stations. The program, written by Harold L. Dibble and Shannon P. McPherron,differs from standard survey programs in that it was specifically designed to help with piece proveniencing artifacts in Paleolithic sites. The program uses a configuration file that the user designs. This file includes the fields and field types that are to be noted with each recorded point. The program accepts data transfers from Topcon, Wild and Sokkia theodolites. For more information, download the program documentation.

We have tested this program on Windows 95 and 98.  If you are using Windows 2000 or XP download the separate download indicated below.  The Windows 95/98 version also works on HP-95/100/200 computers.  A Windows and Windows CE version is forthcoming.

This version also works on Windows CE computers running DOS emmulation.

Description Filename Size
View a sample configuration file survey.cfg 2k
Download the main program (Windows 95/98) edm.exe 188k
Download the main program (Windows 2000/XP) edm2000.exe 201k
Download sample configuration files configs.zip 3k
Download program documentation (Word Perfect) edm.doc 115k
Download all files combined into one zipped file edm.zip 137k