EDM Mobile

EDM-Mobile is a total station data collection program (like EDMWIN) designed to work on handheld devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5. It also works on Windows Mobile 5.0 with a compatibility pack installed. It does not work on later versions of Windows Mobile (because Microsoft once again changed everything).

We use the program on older Trimble Nomads. This was quite a nice device. Properly configured, it came with a BlueTooth connection and a serial connection both of which make it quite easy to connect to a total station. The unit also came with an extended battery that gives extra security. The Nomad also came with a USB port for transferring files to a PC, and it used a memory card which could also be used for transfers.

If you would like to use BlueTooth but your total station is not BlueTooth equipped, you can purchase a BlueTooth to Serial converter. These devices connect to the serial cable connected to the total station, and then allow a handheld to use BlueTooth to connect to the total station. Initial setup can take a bit of time, but once you solve the settings our experience is that these devices work very well. Note that you need to be sure to buy a BlueTooth to Serial converter that is battery powered.

Like our other versions of the EDM software, the program differs from standard survey programs in that it was specifically designed to help with piece proveniencing artifacts in archaeological sites. It uses a configuration file that the user designs (there is also a default configuration). It has menu fields to speed data entry and reduce errors. It allows user defined spatial units that can then be associated with various fields so that the total station can determine which unit a point comes from so that defaults and ID numbers can be retained for those units. The program accepts data transfers from Topcon, Wild, Leica and Sokkia total stations.

Version 1.7 This is the latest version of the program and the one that we use daily. This does not mean that it is without bugs. You may try things with the program that we did not anticipate. If you have a problem, you can write McPherron. We like to learn of bugs because we would like this software to work for everyone.

To install the program, create a folder on the handheld device. We recommend a folder called 'EDM-Mobile' in the 'Program Files' folder. Download the five files listed below to your PC. Connect the handheld device to the PC (you may need to install Microsoft's ActiveSync software to do this) and place all five of these files in the newly created folder. Tap on first one and then the other CAB file to install them. The program will not work without these files installed. Now tap on the program itself, and it should run. The first time you run the program, it will offer to make a default configuration file which will be saved in the 'My Documents' folder. You can begin using the program in 'Simulation' mode (meaning that random XYZ coordinates are provided) or you can connect a total station and configure the program to communicate with it.

Description Filename Size Date
The program edm-mobile.exe 307k 14/05/2019
.NET Compact Framework Library NETCFv35.cab 2644k 6/8/2010
SQL CE sqlce.ppc.wce5.armv4i.cab 716k 6/8/2010
SQL Client DLL System.Data.SqlClient.dll 187k 6/8/2010
SQL Server DLL System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll 250k 6/8/2010

EDM-Mobile creates a new type of database file (SDF file). This is because Microsoft no longer supports the database file format of prerious versions of the operating system. Unfortunately too the SDF file format is not easily read by programs like Microsoft Access (it can be done, but it is not easy). So, there are two options for working with the data that EDM-Mobile creates. First, the program offers an ASCII comma and quote delimited export option. This produces a file that can easily be read by most any data program (Excel, Access, etc.). Second, you can download and install from this web site the program NewPlot. The latest version of this program reads the SDF data file and can either import the data into a NewPlot database or convert the SDF file to a standard Microsoft Access MDB file. There is one "bug" currently in this process: NewPlot does not automatically make a NewPlot database from your SDF file. This means that you must first use the program to create an empty database or download the Combe-Capelle Bas database offered on this web site and delete the data from it.

To use NewPlot with EDM-Mobile you will need to download and install the library linked here from Microsoft.